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Discover the Netherlands

Do you want to discover the Netherlands in a surprising, comfortable and original way? Then Taxi-First is the right place for you. We provide 7 different tours along with the well-known but also less well-known highlights that the Netherlands has to offer. You also have your own private driver, a luxury car and a local guide who will tell you all the ins and outs. That way you know for sure that you won't miss anything and that your stay in the Netherlands will be an unforgettable experience.

Why Taxi-First?

  • Private driver
  • Experienced local guide
  • Luxury car
  • Accessible for disabled
  • English-speaking
  • Also suitable for larger groups

Be surprised by this vibrant and vivid city where all your senses are stimulated. Discover the many art treasures, the canals, and the special atmosphere that this city has to offer.

When you think of the Netherlands, you naturally think of clogs, cheese, windmills, and tulips. This tour has been specially put together to introduce you to the typical Dutch landscape and typical Dutch traditions in 8 hours. You will pass beautiful dairy farms, authentic windmills, and picturesque villages.

When you think of Holland, you naturally think of tulips. That is why a visit to the Keukenhof cannot be missed during your stay in the Netherlands. See the beauty of millions of flowers sold worldwide from the Netherlands.

Rotterdam is a versatile metropolis where you will not get bored easily. Known for its world port, modern architecture, and innovative character. Be surprised by this city with a rich history.

It's not for nothing that Giethoorn is called the Venice of the Netherlands. This beautiful water region is unique because of its bridges, waterways and classic farms and houses.

Discover this beautiful and authentic city located by the sea. Immerse yourself in one of the many sights of this extraordinary city that exudes culture and history.

For many tourists, Delft is a still undiscovered, but absolutely special and typically Dutch city. Known for its pottery, Willem van Oranje and Johannes Vermeer.

If you have specific wishes, you can of course also put together a tailor-made tour together with our guide. Because nothing is too crazy for us, we will do our utmost to make your tour an unforgettable experience.